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English / Coaching / Founder of Elite Academy

Izabela Gradecka

MA in English, a graduate of the Teacher Training College, graduate of Philological School of Higher Education in Wrocław, ICF coach, enterprenuer and founder of Elite Academy learning centre.

„In my view teaching means working with the talents and potential of a learner. Employing appriopriate techniques and methodological tools, I do my best to lead my students towards fluency in English. I strongly believe that the key to effective learning is gaining pleasure from the process. I make efforts to prepare teaching materials that are interesting and stimulating, and make my lessons an amusing experience.

In coaching, likewise in teaching, I focus on individaual talents and assets of a person in process. I cooperate both with individuals as well as managers, executives and enterprenuers.

I invite you to browse through the profiles of our teachers, and join us in self-development with Elite Academy."

English / Methodology Supervisor

Ewa Czapla

An experienced English instructor and teacher trainer. A lecturer and teaching practice supervisor at the University of Wrocław. An author of numerous publications on language pedagogy. Currently, a Ph.D. candidate conducting research on English teaching methodology, with special attention given to pronunciation instruction.

„As a langauge instructor and methodology expert, I am in a constant lookout for methods and techniques that would motivate and engage the students and teachers, allowing for the maximum realization of their potential. My goal: making the teaching/learning process both valuable and plesurable for all parties involved.”

English / Polish for foreigners

Patrycja Zakowicz

MA in English. A graduate of Philological School of Higher Education in Wrocław. A teacher and a translator of English.

„Teaching is everything to me!
For me, teaching means: helping students succeed, allowing and supporting them to pursue their passions, helping them want to learn, and never lose their curiosity for English, as well as Polish.
As a teacher, each day I have the pleasure to work with students at different ages and being at different levels of proficiency. While teaching I focus on developing their language skills, especially speaking, using a variety of games, artistic activities, and communication techniques.

Teaching brings me joy and satisfaction, so I cannot even imagine myself in another profession. ”

Chinese / English / History

Iga Hetnar

A graduate of University of Wrocław and Nanjing Normal University in China.

„I teach English and Chinese and I absolutely love it!
I like discovering new trends in education. I speak two languages fluently, so I understand how hard it is to learn a foreign language - but I also know, that successful communication brings us a lot of joy and satisfaction!
What is individualized learning to me? It is discovering my student’s hidden potential.
Teaching brings me joy and satisfaction, so I cannot even imagine myself in another profession. ”


Patrycja Didur

BA in English. Currently an MA student at the University of Wrocław with teaching and translating practice.

„I've been interested in English language and culture since I was a little girl. That is why I’ve always known where my path would lead me. I tend to get strongly and emotionally attached to my students. Hence, the crucial aim for me is to teach the language as effectively as I can.

I constantly try to combine language learning with pleasure and fun activities and I believe it is the bond between the teacher and the student that makes the process effective. I use a great number of additional resources to broaden students' knowledge about the culture and grammar of English language. ”

English / German

Kateryna Karpenko

MA in English. A graduate of State Pedagogical University in Ukraine and of Philological School of Higher Education in Czestochowa. A teacher and a translator of English and German.

„“I really enjoy teaching, especially when I can see the results of my hard work. Regarding approaches, I try to use different ones depending on each student's knowledge and abilities. The most interesting part is working with small kids, who are naturally very curious and eager to learn something new. Frankly speaking,

I have way too many hobbies, some of them are knitting, embroidery, making different things out of clay and beads, drawing, nail art. and origami. In addition, I love learning foreign languages. In my spare time I take my efforts to brush up on German and French. I’m also into Korean, Japanese, Chinese and a little bit of Thai. It is simply my cup of tea. Maybe that’s why I like my job - it is strictly connected with my passion.””


Monika Biniek

MA in English, graduate of English Philology at Higher Vocational School in Nysa, Graduate of the University of Opole.

"My adventure with teaching started unexpectedly about five years ago, when I started studying English. I was becoming more and more surprised as my lessons with groups of pupils and individuals made me feel as happy as a clam. For nearly six years I've taught young and adult students and it has given me huge satisfaction to share my knowledge and help them find their favourite learning tools I put myself in my students' shoes by learning other foreign languages - Spanish and German. Thanks to that I can easily get a student's viewpoint and discover attractive teaching and self-study methods.

Learning a foreign language doesn't have to be a burden. It can easily become a hobby or a lifestyle. I am a living example of such an approach."

NNative Speaker / English

Martin Rutkowski

Native English speaking teacher from Johannesburg, South Africa. Currently studying for a Master's degree in Psychology at the University of Wrocław. Graduate of AFDA Film School in Johannesburg.

"I have a multicultural background - I was born to Polish parents in sunny South Africa. I grew up speaking English as a first language and learned to speak fluent Polish thanks to my parents insistence. I hope to one day practice as a Clinical Psychologist.

South Africa has 11 official languages! So it goes without saying that I've come into contact with many different cultures and modes of communication. My experience in teaching is as a private language tutor of English as a first language to high school students in South Africa. I don't believe in a world where one language dominates, but rather in one where we all take the effort to participate in this thing we call being human and language is just one big part of that.

I like to bring visual literacy into my lessons and encourage my students to watch films, as I am also a film school graduate - so as they say I've had my head in every pie! I hope my life experiences can bring enrichment and excitement to my lessons and inspire people to never stop learning new things! "

Native Speaker / English

Beryl Nguynen

Native English speaking teacher from Melbourne, Australia BA in Youth Studies from RMIT University, Australia.

"Teaching English for me is not only about preparing my students for tests and exams, but also about helping them strengthen their fluency. I enjoy seeing my students' English language skills grow and develop through interactive exercises and conversational practice. I believe all students are different and as such try to cater lessons to their needs and expectations, whilst making lessons educational, engaging and empowering.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, doing yoga and pilates, travelling, cooking and journaling."